Our Windows Beat Every Other
Window On The Market Today—
Hands Down, It’s Not Even Close.

In 1992, Andersen perfected and patented Fibrex® composite material technology. Our windows are made from Andersen’s exclusive composite Fibrex® material that lasts longer, performs better, is twice as strong as vinyl and unlike wood, requires virtually no maintenance.**

Fibrex® material is a better window framing material for several reasons:

  • Because it is a composite using real wood fiber, it is incredibly strong. This means narrower frames which, in turn, means more glass area, meaning bigger and better views.
  • As a low-maintenance composite, it expands and contracts very little, even with extreme temperature swings. This means we can offer dark exterior colors that vinyl can’t because Fibrex® material can “take the cold and the heat.”
  • Because of our proprietary technology, Renewal by Andersen of Connecticut can offer one of the best window limited warranties in the industry.*
  • Consider everything you expect from a window. Fibrex material makes a difference in every instance. Measured across a range of conditions that affect efficiency, maintenance and beauty, Fibrex material performs well compared to wood, aluminum and fiberglass, and especially well against vinyl.
Fibrex® Material Other Materials
Strength Because Fibrex® material is strong, we can make our sash and frames narrower.Narrower frames mean more glass, more view. Vinyl frames are known to have a higher expansion/contraction rate and can bow, breaking the glass seal.
Insulation Fibrex material has superior thermal insulating properties. Combined with Andersen® High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, this helps your home stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. You can save money on your energy bills. Your home feels more comfortable. Aluminum window frames conduct heat and cold. Heat leaks out of your house in the winter and into your house in the summer.
Low Maintenance Fibrex material never needs scraping or painting. It won’t rot, decay or mold.* Fiberglass frames are painted and may need regular maintenance.
Beauty Renewal by Andersen replacement windows preserve the architectural beauty of your home. Frame and sash design reflect the shape and lines of your original windows. The unique extruded Fibrex material can be made into any kind of window – including curved specialty windows. Most replacement windows have square profiles that may look artificial in your home. Vinyl frame material is often thicker, reducing glass area. Fiberglass can only be made into straight lineals.
Environmental Responsibility 40% of the raw material by weight used to make Fibrex material is clean, reclaimed wood fiber. Reclaimed materials in the manufacturing process can also be reground and reused. Renewal by Andersen® windows meet Green Seal’s science-based environmental certification standards as well as being ENERGY STAR® qualified for meeting strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy. Andersen windows are Green Seal certified. Fiberglass is a thermoset material and cannot be reformed into new profiles.
Warranty A window is not just glass and some framing material. It’s a precise combination of glass, frame and quality installation. We back it all with a 20/2/10 Limited Warranty* that is one of the best in the business. More than half of all remodeling firms have been in business less than four years.** Installation is rarely covered in the written warranty.